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IS Consulting LLC

IS Consulting LLC is a privately held company which was started by Lee Leatherman, who still serves as the Director.  Lee has over 20 years experience in computer training and support both with Individuals and with Corporations.

Lee worked most recently for Turner Group of Elkhart, Indiana.  He has held the title of Senior Support Analyst with The Medical Manager division, and Education Coordinator with the Manufacturing Division.  He has assisted the Turner Group in servicing over 90 clients throughout the Michiana area with their particular Information Service needs.

Lee's greatest love is Consulting regarding the technical needs of the client, and Teaching the respective software required to fulfill those needs.  He works well with both groups (teaching up to thirty-five clients at a time) and individuals.  Lee holds his BA in Psychology from Goshen College.

IS Consulting LLC staff will be pleased to assist with your Information Service needs.  Please feel free to contact us at:

e-mail: info@is-consulting.biz

phone: (574) 537-0724

  fax:     (574) 533-3760                                                                                                






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